Lady Clankington

Lady Clankington is one sexy Steampunk, an amazing Internet icon, and definatly a Lady of Steampunk. We are very lucky to have the chance to sit down and interview her. We were able to get to know the inner lady and see what it takes to make such a memerable impression.


It is an honor for us to speak with you. We have wanted to have you between our sheets, per se, for quite some time. Tell us, what is the origin of Lady Clankington?


It’s a pleasure to speak with you! When I got involved in the Steampunk community, I wanted to create a character but still remain true to my roots as a fetish and glamour model. I also wanted a character that was very fun and more than a little naughty. The name is a bit of a play on Lady Chatterley, a Victorian literary figure of somewhat notorious repute.


You have been considered the naughtiest of the naughty in the steampunk realm. Is this also your steampunk character’s M.O.? 


You flatter me, sir(s)! “Naughtiest of the naughty”? My plans for world domination are coming to fruition! One of my goals with Lady Clankington was to push the envelope a bit. Pretty girls posing are a dime a dozen but I felt like I had something to say, as well. That’s why I started lecturing on Victorian sexuality and pornography, “fallen” women of the Victorian era, etc. I wanted to be the sexy steampunk model who was fun and relatable and who actually went to conventions and interacted with people instead of being purely relegated to the impersonality of the Internet.


You have such grace and composure about yourself in the online community. How has the Lady been received, what has the reaction been by the community to your character?


At first, there was a surprising amount of resistance to the idea, especially in certain web forums. A lot of people really seemed to take offense to the concept of bringing sex into steampunk and there were definitely some not so subtle comments made about how I, personally, was tarnishing (if you will) the “purity” of the subculture, particularly of women in steampunk. Thankfully, that attitude seems to have died a horrible grizzly death. On the whole, I think steampunk as a subculture is very encouraging of strong female characters.


Your works include the Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities ( where you sell such delightfully decadent items as the Little Death Ray and The Butt Rogers. Where did the idea for these items come from?


Honestly, the whole thing started as a joke between me and Thomas Willeford. We refer to his industrial cutting laser as “The Death Ray” and at one point were musing aloud as to what a “Little Death Ray” would look like. Naturally, it would have to be a vibrator, due to the French phrase for orgasm, “le petit mort” (“the little death”). The Butt Rogers, is just a silly play on anal toys and the famous sci-fi character Buck Rogers. In fact, Gil Gerard, who once portrayed the character on television, was kind enough to autograph the original Butt Rogers for us. He was thrilled.


We have heard a lot of rumblings from the blogosphere about what might be happening in the Lady’s world; from videos, to mixologist extraordinaire, to world traveler and more. Can you shine a light on what might be happening in the near future to our most stimulating Lady of Steampunk? 


I have quite a few exciting plans in the works, actually. I just filmed two upcoming movies with notorious B-movie director Jim Wynorski for Cinemax, which I’m very excited about and should air sometime in the next year or so. A very talented sculptor and painter named Jesse Garcia ( is currently creating a series of handpainted busts of yours truly, which I hope to be able to sell on very soon. 

I will also be signing prints at San Diego Comic Con this summer at the booth of my dear friend Armando Huerta, who is currently in the process of painting his second fantasy portrait of me. 



In addition, I also have plans for photo spread in several mainstream magazine publications and have been toying with the idea of a line of, shall we say, naughty DVDs. Anyone who is interested in my exploits can “like” my Facebook page “Lady Clankington’s Cabinet of Carnal Curiosities” and follow me on Twitter as @MsSarahHunter and @LadyClankington.


Photography: Scott Church

Wardrobe: Brute Force Studios